Not as Hard as I Thought

Hello, my name is Tameka Harvey. I have just recently became a home owner, I am a single mom with two sweet children. Never in my life did I ever dream or think that I would become a home owner. The process of becoming a home owner was not as hard as i thought. We recently purchased a 3 bedroom 2 full bath, for a nice amount. I had an awesome realtor who helped me the whole way through. No, I did not pick the 1st home, this is actually the third house and it was the right house for us. I do encourage anyone who would want to buy a house to step out. Sometimes you do have to step outside of the box, just to see what it is. Sometimes it doesn’t always mean its going to be, but it doesnt always mean its going to be bad either. I’m truly grateful for stepping out of the box and truly thank god for giving me the encouragement and things that i needed to do in order to do what I wanted to do. I’m happy as a home owner, i wouldnt go back to change it for nothing.

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— Ms. Tameka